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The Language Communicator Prepares Students for Globalization
Creative and talented geniuses along with savvy business leaders have created a global marketplace where people from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas share in the rewards and benefits. The Language Communicator can provide students with a valuable key for effective participation on this world stage. Globalization, the buzz word of the 20th century, is the reality of the 21st century. The players use colorful and useful languages on this world stage, but English is the unofficial language of communication that the players use most.

Fortunately, potential players on the world stage do not have to be a genius to learn English especially when using the lessons of The Language Communicator. English as a Second Language is a useful tool when participating on a world stage where globalization is evident every day. The Language Communicator has been designed by a teacher with many years of experience teaching English as a Second Language. The course starts at zero level and ends with competency in conversing in ordinary, daily activities. The Language Communicator provides the vocabulary necessary to understand native speakers of the language and others who have mastered English as a Second Language. The course provides the practice necessary to understand the spoken word and respond appropriately.
Yes, You Can With The Language Communicator
Most people will agree that learning English is helpful in a world brought together through globalization, but many people feel frustrated after attempts to learn English as a Second Language. They start out learning the alphabet, and then they try to write the language. English has some tricky usage that can provide obstacles to progress. Why don't you say that k on the word know or knot, and why do you write it? Why are the words there, their and they're spelled differently when they sound exactly the same. Frustrated learners often do not know that writing English is the most difficult task. People who learn to speak the language first learn spelling and composition more easily later. People with some experience in speaking English as a Second Language usually learn more quickly if they learn useful vocabulary.

The Language Communicator is based on years of experience learning and teaching language. Patient students who concentrate on only 3 new words a day will learn more quickly and completely. At the end of 5 months you will know more than 500 words. In order to function in a language, most people only need five hundred words. The key is the five hundred words must be carefully chosen.

Follow these suggestions and plan to achieve success. The Language Communicator will help each student establish a foundation in English as a Second Language which will provide a springboard to more complete success in learning the language.

The Language Communicator

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